Illinois should be the envy of all other states.


Our rich, tillable land, water access to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, the largest fresh water reservoir in the only U.S.-controlled Great Lake and our central location which makes us a natural hub for telecommunications air, land, and rail transportation are advantages any state would wish it had.


Given all these natural gifts, the only rational explanation I can muster for this State's situation is either negligent or criminal leadership.


Help me, and others like me, return this state to the people.


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I’m married to my wife, Karen, and I’ve been a resident of Woodstock for over a decade. I was born in Chicago, and spent most of my youth in the western suburbs.


When I was 9, my family moved to Big Sandy Tennessee, population 600. We raised hogs and cattle and had a couple horses, and it was there that I learned to appreciate life in rural America. Its also a big part of why I chose to live in McHenry County.


I still love to see the fields of corn and the cows, but also appreciate living in a metropolitan suburb. I came back to the Chicagoland area when I was about 14 and have lived in this area ever since. Woodstock and McHenry County are my home. In terms of politics and policy, broadly, I would call myself a constitutional conservative.  (Read More)

29 Jun


Cook County's finance board will meet today to discuss whether the people of that county will have an option on the November ballot to merge the Recorder and Clerk's office. While they have some stronger language to describe their Recorder's office, the core sentiment is the same, we must seize any opportunity to reduce government size and cost.  Read >

15 Jun


Monday, I joined many fellow McHenry County citizens in a protest about our taxes. A friend, Dan Aylward paid his entirely in dollar bills. I am proud to be among such great people that they would take their time to come out and show that they are not afraid to get involved.


I am saddened that we needed to.


Read more at the Northwest Herald.

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A copy of our report with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board's official website (

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